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Social Meeting at Lost Pizza

2 May 2019

We had a great time at Lost Pizza!

Congratulations St. Jude Racers!

December 1, 2018

Congratulations to everyone who ran St. Jude this year. Run Oxford had a great showing! Some of our runners are pictured here.

2019 Run Oxford Officers Elected

November 2018

Congratulations to our newly-elected 2019 officers:
President: Kevin Lewellyn
Vice President: Mike Hipp
Treasurer: Jewel Bunch
Secretary: Beth Whittington

Click Here for minutes from the meeting.

October Edition of Run Oxford Newsletter

October 2018

Check out our new Run Oxford Newsletter, Catch me if You Can!

Click Here to download the newsletter.

Great 38 Race Weekend

October 26-28, 2018

The Great 38 benefits the Chucky Mullins Foundation which assists Ole Miss students who have a physical disability or demonstrate exceptional financial need. Hundreds of runners will compete in a 3 or 8 miler or a half marathon and are welcome to run in costume.

Business and Social Meeting at Boure on the Square on Thursday the 23rd

August 2018

We had a Run Oxford Social/Business Meeting on Thursday, August 23rd at 7:15pm at Bouré on the Square after the Growler Run. We had free appetizers for members and prizes (including one year memberships) for most unique or fun race t-shirt and medal. Congratulations to Mike Hipp and family, Beth and Ryan Whittington, and John and Paula Stack for winning! We discussed the Great 38, Run Oxford committees, race teams, and other upcoming events and also vote on bylaw changes. Bylaws can be found by clicking here. Proposed bylaw changes were:

Proposed Bylaw Changes:


The Club shall be governed by a Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the Board) consisting of club Officers, Race Directors, and Standing Committee Chairs. The general membership elects the following club Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary on an annual basis. Standing Committees will be headed by a Committee Chair to which committee members report. Race Directors and Standing Committee Chairs will be appointed by the club Officers. Committee Chairs will report to the Race Directors for Run Oxford sanctioned events.

Section 6.3 Race Directors
Race Directors are established to carry out the duties for Run Oxford sanctioned races. Race Directors will be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve a one year term or less as defined by the Board. The Race Director will utilize the Standing Committees through direct communication with the Chairs as base for organizing Run Oxford sanctioned races. The Race Directors will report directly to the Board financial requests and unforeseen concerns.

Section 6.4 6.3 Standing Committees and Committee Chairs
Committees are established to carry out the purpose of the Club. The Board may define the duties and deliverables for all committees not outlined in these bylaws. Committee Chairs will outline the performance expectations for all members of their committee. All committee members serve for a one year term or less as defined by the Board of Directors. The Board is kept informed of the activities and progress of all committees through the designated Committee Chair, and the Board has oversight on committees. All Standing Committee Chairs have the authority to create ad hoc committees. The status of any unfilled Committee chair shall be determined by the Board.

(Sections renumbered after 6.4)

Covalent Staffing's 2018 Splash n Dash a Huge Success!

June 2018

The 2018 edition of Splash n Dash is in the books. Check out hundreds of pictures and race results at https://splashndash5k.com. The 4th annual Covalent Staffing's Splash 'n' Dash 5k was held on June 9th, 2018 at 8am. It is an annual free 5k designed to encourage running in Oxford, especially by children.

Run Oxford Business/Social Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2018

Run Oxford had a Business/Social meeting at Boure on the Square on June 7th, 2018. The minutes from the meeting can be found by clicking here.

June Edition of Run Oxford Newsletter

June 2018

Check out our new Run Oxford Newsletter, Catch me if You Can!

Click Here to download the newsletter.

Run Oxford Bylaws

April 2, 2018

The Run Oxford 2017 and 2018 Executive Boards have approved changes to the Run Oxford Bylaws. They are posted here for a final vote at our next members meeting.

Spring iCan5k Begins!

February 2018

The iCan5K Running and Walking program officially kicked off! This program continues to grow each semester. It currently has 36 participants and is lead by a team of 10 volunteer coaches. Their journey together will last 9 weeks and will culminate at the Double Decker 5K race on April 28th. We are so excited to welcome this enthusiastic group to the fold and share our love of running and walking with them! The training plan is designed to get people to the point where they can run a 5K at a slow, relaxed pace. It's a simple, progressive program that begins with more walking than running, and gradually evolves into more running than walking. Each week's plan also includes healthy habits, a motivational quote and a training tip. Participants will train 3 times a week with Run Oxford coaches. Email ican5k@runoxford.com for more information!

Jan Edition of Run Oxford Newsletter

January 2018

Check out our new Run Oxford Newsletter, Catch me if You Can!

Click Here to download the newsletter.

2018 Run Oxford Officers Elected

November 2017

Congratulations to our newly-elected 2018 officers:
President: Nathan Hammer

Vice President: Kevin Lewellyn
Treasurer: Sarah Rowlett
Secretary: Maggie Moran
Click Here for Minutes from the November 15th Board Meeting.

Great 38 a Huge Success!

October 2017

The 2017 Great 38 Race Weekend was a huge success! Click here to see over 1,000 pictures from the race and click here for results.

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